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Project title: if I were ewe


if I were ewe was an installation in Newtown Castle that explored the interconnected nature between human and sheep. Covering the four floors of the castle, the works celebrated and challenged our perception of sheep in ways that engaged with taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing. The exhibition was produced in collaboration with artist Phoebe Tohl.

4th floor
Artwork title:  We felt ewe
Year: 		2021
Medium: 	Installation
	                washing machine felted wool, raw wool,
                        found wood, clay, yarn, candles
Size:		5 x 5 m

3rd floor
Artwork title:  Baaaaa
Year: 		2021
Medium: 	Soundscape
	                Iphone, Boombox, candles
Duration:  	2:09 loop

2nd floor
Artwork title:  Chewing the cud
Year: 		2021
Medium: 	Food serving
		        Drinks: grass, apple juice, water
		        Stew: lamb, salt, potato, carrot, fennel, onion, spicy pepper, rosemary, thyme  
Duration: 	Opening

1st floor
Artwork title:  Sheeple
Year: 		2021
Medium: 	Video projection
Duration: 	3:28 loop

Exhibited:	2021 Newtown Castle, Ballyvaughan, Ireland

Project: Deus Ex Machina

Annual MFA graduates’ degree exhibition at the
Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.

2021 Exhibition Laboratory, Lisätila
Merimiehenkatu 36 B, 00150, Helsinki

See virtual exhibition here:

Teosnimi / Artwork title: Motor Cycle
Vuosi / Year: 2021
Tekniikka / Technique: Mekaaninen veistos / Mechanical sculpture
Teosmitat (cm) / Measurements (cm): 100x150x160

Teosnimi / Artwork title: Just Passing By
Vuosi / Year: 2021
Tekniikka / Technique: Videoveistos / Video sculpture
Teosmitat (cm) / Measurements (cm) // Kesto (min) / Duration (min): 30x60x60 // 1:21 loop

Teosnimi / Artwork title: I have more will to go than care to stay
Vuosi / Year: 2021
Tekniikka / Technique: Videoveistos / Video sculpture
Teosmitat (cm) / Measurements (cm) // Kesto (min) / Duration (min): 80x120x210 // 4:33 loop

Description and a true story:

I was a member of the “golden piggy bank club” and had earnestly saved money for a rainy day. The club’s motto: “It’s great to be part of the golden piggy bank club.” One day I saw the boy next door tinkering with his Honda Monkey at their backyard and went to ask him if he’d be willing to part with his bike anytime soon. He said that he has no need for it anymore as he would pretty soon turn eighteen and announced that the asking price would be three hundred marks. Now the money really started to burn in the stomach of my golden piggy bank. I decided to offer five hundred marks because I was kind of excited and found the bike to be very cool. Even my parents couldn’t hold me back from my foolish offer. Perhaps since that deal I made when I was five years old I’ve been enchanted by machines…

This body of work is expressing the need for holding back and suppressing the fossil fuel fantasies that individual has in the fossil fueled society. It also examines what is there to desire in the fetishized technology that we encounter almost every day.

Name of the work: Exquisite Futures

Media: Video
Duration: 32:15 min
2021 Exquisite Futures, Alex TV, Germany
2021 Exquisite Futures, Braunschweig Art Academy Filmforum, Braunschweig, Germany
2021 Exquisite Futures, Virtual YouTube live -event, Kino Club Helsinki


The global lockdown forced Kino Club to reconsider the group’s approach to collaboration and participation, and inspired a visualization of possible futures for the artistic mind. Set in a post-apocalyptic timeline, Exquisite Futures develops through conceptual production dogmas carried out by a selection of ten international artists.
Exquisite Futures is a structural experiment, questioning production methods and investigating collective approach through remote collaboration on a foundation of transparency and inclusive communication.
The domino-effect was constructed of ten 48 hour-marathon productions, all intertwined and carried out in a chain-reaction of creation: 10 artists, 20 days, 1 film. The result is an organically occurring narrative, where themes and ideas are subconsciously transported through the material and, despite the sequential format, questions are asked and answered non-linearly.
Each artist brought an individual set of skills, styles and ideas. Through dialogue and creation the group met each other personally and visually, and combined their efforts in this showcase of collective predictions; imagening artistic life in the future.

My share begins at 5:28 and ends 8:03

Name of the work: The Rivals

Medium: Video
Duration: 2:22

The Rivals takes a novel approach to the idea of political subjectification. The protagonists in my work are birds that are performing in YouTube videos. During the springtime there are lot of rivals in the trees trying to take over their territory and that is the political scene where I brought the rivals from internet.

Are birds just communicating pleasure and pain like Aristotle would have put it? In this context it is interesting to think how these birds are unaware of being in the internet without any privacy policy or copyrights whatsoever.

Name of the work: For the time being, emergency exit only.

Wooden door painted with fluorocent orange, metallic peep-hole, 3D-mouse
handle, UV-light, door phone, 360-video.

Launched in 1889 Kinetoscope was the first commercial motion picture exhibition
device. It was designed for films to be viewed through a peephole
by one individual at a time, creating the illusion of movement by
conveying a strip of perforated film bearing sequential images over a
light source with a high-speed shutter. Soon Kinetoscope was joined with
a cylinder phonograph called kinetophone to produce sound. These devices
together created unprecedented astonishment and confusion of time and
space in the public.

Modern digital reconstruction has constantly transgressed the boundaries
of time and space for the benefit and entertainment of our species. In
the science fiction movie The Matrix(1999) humanity is unknowingly trapped
inside a simulated reality created by intelligent machines. In spite
of all dystopian imagery, our contemporary simulations are desired and
ever more realistic.

In my work For the time being, emergency exit only the simulation has
been suspended in the state of limbo faute de mieux.
The viewer can explore the view seen through the peephole with a special
door handle (3D-mouse) encircled with blue light and simultaneously listen
to the soundscape from the door phone.

For the time being, emergency exit only was exhibited in January 2020 in
Expanded Cinema -exhibition, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, Finland.

Name of the work: Concertto for Film and Orchestra
Duration: 1 hour

Concertto for Film and Orchestra was a collaboration between the students of
Academy of Fine Arts and Sibelius Academy. It was actualized and performed together
with Lappeenranta city orchestra. The musical texture and form of the
piece has been inspired by the process of film developing. As the images on
the film come into existence during the performance so does the audible images
created by the instruments come to live.

Jaime Belmonte
Tuomas Kettunen

Video and Performance:
Appu Jasu
Lasse Vairio
Paola Guzman Figueroa
Verneri Salonen

Critique in Etelä-Saimaa -news paper:

Annual BFA graduates’ degree exhibition at the
Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.

Bird feeder with video, Rusty partial bike frame, birds nest under
bicycle seat, binoculars, taxidermy bird

AR-Mosquito performance
Medium: Iphone 6, Video, Tape, Powerbank
Duration: 3 hours


I wanted to embark on a bike ride to Berlin, and I needed to make
some preparations for it. I checked some tips online and bought Osmo
Soininvaara’s book “Cycling to Nice”. Then I bought a tent, padded
bicycle shorts, a rubber basin plug etc. One evening I went out for
a walk in a forest and found a bike frame that seemed adequate for my
needs. In early June, I jumped into the saddle.

I spent my days looking for food and shelter. There were so many banal
sights that I saw. A bird built a nest underneath the saddle, I
lost my credit card in Lithuania, and I could not find my way around
in Kaliningrad because I could not read the Cyrillic alphabet. The
bird eventually left its nest without laying a single egg. When I arrived
in Berlin, I took photographs of trees that had been numbered.
I was told that there were altogether 440,000 trees and that each
tree had an individual fostering plan.

The exhibition consists of three installations, which are accompanied
by an interactive fundraising for the Taiteen Metsä (‘Forest for
Art’) campaign organised by the Finnish National Heritage Foundation.
The opening of the exhibition featured an evening-long performance
called AR-Mosquito.

Works were exhibited 20.09.-13.10.2019 in the Exhibition Laboratory,
Merimiehenkatu 36 C, 00150, Helsinki.

Total of 244 names was written on the walls next to the piece for
guessing the species of bird that was hiding in the gallery! That
means that the whole 200€ material grant was donated to Finnish National
Heritage Foundation (

Name of the work: Post-Fossil Data?

Computer screen, two hard-drives, jerry-can speaker, hidden computer,
hidden piezo mics, hidden amplifier, hidden mixer, Automated
filetransfer between hard drives


The technological stethoscope is listening to the communication between two external hard drives. The computer acts as a director between them, and the jerry can speaker is the narrator.

This system is fully automated: it turns itself on and off during the gallery opening hours and hibernates in cycles for the sake of energy consumption. The process loops different file types and file sizes between the hard drives, making the audible performance varied in time. The data is playing.

Beneath the coulisses of designed cases, one can find informative labels which are not informative at all for the common user. What does it mean to be blind to the information given and to the fossil capitalism that made it all possible in the first place?

The work was presented in the Suoja/Shelter Festival in June
7-9.2019 at the Space of Free Arts / Vapaan Taiteen Tila
Festival website:
Press release:

The work has also been part of Sound Art & Sonic Arts: Hidden Materialities
Exhibition Laboratory
Merimiehenkatu 36 C, 00150, Helsinki

Name of the work: Totem

Medium: Video
Duration: 22:02 min
2020 Feel Helsinki festival, Helsingin Musiikkitalo, Finland
2020 Hyvinkää Halo Light Festival, Hyvinkää, Finland
I built a totem from blocks of birch and repeated the performance three times. Each time I got further. 

Name of the work: Yucca Elephantipes Artificiālis

I ordered an artificial Yucca palm tree from China, assembled it and planted it in the motorway interchange in Nokia, Finland.

Medium: Video
Duration: 7:12
2018 KAIPUU Festival; Sattuma-klubi, Helsinki, Finland
2018, Filmiversumi, Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki, Finland


Name of the work: Riippumaton ajattelija

Medium: Video
Trailer/teaser duration: 11:25 min

My ongoing film project Riippumaton ajattelija situates its tangible world in the liminal space of fact and fiction. It is exploring the wild, the unknown and the eccentric being who feels himself as the other of the society. Untamed/Wild/the Other is vital condition of human existence and our societies. This other does not reveal itself automatically, but it must be pursued and resurfaced –if not otherwise then because of the strong modernistic tradition is constantly trying to marginalize it. If we ignore the other from our society, we lose the possibility to choose –choose the alternative of cohabiting the world with the other, learn from the other, in respectful, caring, communicating way without the need for domination, whatever this other may be in the given space and time. I have been filming my hermit father for this experimental film project since 2017. The final film is a mix of documentary and fiction/fantasy.