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Timeless Racing

It is born into timeless racing. It is sold to the highest bidder. It lives in the rebuke of the lord. It resists and then it is put in a shredder. That’s about it.

2022 Project Room, Helsinki, Finland 

Xenia Ramm from Verbal art -podcast interviewed me about my exhibition on site. We had really nice conversation about the exhibition itself and thinking behind it. I invite you to listen the episode no.4 if you are interested to hear my thoughts on fossil machines etc. The link is in my bio. You can also find the podcast from Spotify with ”Verbal art”.

Here's the link:$/63e17751b455cc0011c70ee9/04-verneri

I have more will to go than care to stay

I was a member of the “golden piggy bank club” and had earnestly saved money for a rainy day. The club’s motto: “It’s great to be part of the golden piggy bank club.” One day I saw the boy next door tinkering with his Honda Monkey at their backyard and went to ask him if he’d be willing to part with his bike anytime soon. He said that he has no need for it anymore as he would pretty soon turn eighteen and announced that the asking price would be three hundred marks. Now the money really started to burn in the stomach of my golden piggy bank. I decided to offer five hundred marks because I was kind of excited and found the bike to be very cool. Even my parents couldn’t hold me back from my foolish offer. Perhaps since that deal I made when I was five years old I’ve been enchanted by machines…

2021 Kuvan Kevät (lisätila), Helsinki, Finland

Virtual exhibition here: