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Verneri Salonen (b. 1989) is a visual artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. He works with lens-based media, sculpture and installation. Salonen is interested in exploring the fossil capitalism and the desire machinery of Western culture. Verneri works experimentally and combines different medias in his work. He is especially fascinated about synergies found by chance and the unexpected affects they produce. Verneri’s works often convey humor, which he uses to expose internal contradictions of the viewer and shared values ​​in Western culture.

Prior to art studies, Verneri graduated as a mechanical engineer from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Understanding manufacturing processes and operating principles of machines has contributed to the topics and technical approaches he has chosen in his practice.

Verneri Salonen is co-founder of Kino Club Helsinki. Kino Club is a Helsinki based artist collective curating thematic screening events and producing video art and exhibitions in Finland. Kino Club is founded in 2017

Selected exhibitions and festival screenings include 2022 Timeless Racing, Project Room, Helsinki, Finland // 2022 Light into darkness, Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Maijansali, Helsinki, Finland // 2022 TOTEEMI, Finn Filmnapok, Budabest, Hungary // 2021 If I Were Ewe, Newtown Castle, Ballyvaughan, Ireland // 2021 Exquisite Futures, Braunschweig Art Academy Filmforum, Braunschweig, Germany // 2021 Kosminen Salonki, Kosminen, Helsinki, Finland // 2020 Postal Art 2020, Poetry Moon Literary Festival, Galleria Stoa, Helsinki, Finland // 2020 TOTEEMI, Hyvinkää Halo -light festival, Hyvinkää, Finland // 2020 The Rivals, Feel Helsinki -festival, Helsinki, Finland // 2020 Expanded Cinema, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, Finland // 2019 Concerto for Film and Orchestra, Lappeenrantasali, Lappeenranta, Finland // 2019 The Sound Art & Sonic Arts: Hidden Materialities, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, Finland // 2019 Suoja/Shelter festival, Free Art Space, Helsinki, Finland // 2018 The Void, Sigrids Gallery, Kjollefjård, Norway // 2018 RED MAY, Gallery ALKOVI, Helsinki, Finland // 2018 Yucca Elephantipes Artificialis, KAIPUU Festival, Helsinki, Finland.