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Verneri Salonen (b. 1989) is a Helsinki based artist and a graduate student in the Time and Space department at the University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland. Salonen is interested in exploring and exposing the preconditions of our contemporary technoculture. His work recontextualizes and re-imagines the functions of everyday objects and ideas in a manner that is surprising, revelatory and at times humorous. Composing unexpected relationships between ready-made and hand-made objects, the artist invites new meanings and interpretations of their uses that challenge the human logic and capitalist realization.
Salonen retrace and disentangle pregiven figures of nature by examining environmental politics and the construction of knowledge about nature. Peeling back our preconceptions, his videos, photography and mixed-media installations transform the mundane into the marvelous while addressing issues of emancipation, technology, biology and nature. His art encourages open-minded interpretations of the world at large and challenges authoritative voices of our contemporary society.

Verneri Salonen is co-founder of Kino Club Helsinki. Kino Club is a nonprofit community that offers a place to watch, discuss and review audiovisual works and performances from artists visiting or residing in Finland.
Recent group exhibitions and festival screenings include Feel Helsinki festival, Helsinki (2020), Expanded Cinema at the Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki (2020), The Sound Art & Sonic Arts: Hidden Materialities at the Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki (2019), Suoja/Shelter festival at the Space for Free Arts, Helsinki (2019), The Void, Sigrids Gallery, Norway (2018), RED MAY at the Gallery ALKOVI, Helsinki (2018), Yucca Elephantipes Artificialis at the KAIPUU Festival, Helsinki (2018) among others.