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When I was a kid, our favourite thing to do was to build these small huts in the woods from dead branches. In those huts we used to smoke canes like tobacco and play with fire.
At some point selfish instinct of self-preservation rocketed sky high and we were embarrassed of our wild childish thoughts. We had a drive for the nucleus of it all and a value system that set us apart from the universe. We were godlike and justified our actions via careless reasons. The same carelessness set us to see the world around us as a resource, not as something to coexist with. The play ended, but fire still burns.

I am building those huts of my childhood again. This time in different forms and manifestations. I want to waste my bodily energy lavishly onto uncountable practices and playful acts. Political resources and different forms of energy and materiality are the study of my practice. I’m interested of revealing the hidden realities of our contemporary hubris.


Verneri Salonen​ (b. 1989) is a Helsinki based artist currently p​ursuing a Master’s degree in the Time and Space department in University of the Arts Helsinki.

He is interested in exploring and exposing hidden materialities and preconditions of our contemporary technoculture. Verneri has participated in multiple group exhibitions and film screenings in Finland and Norway. Since 2016, he has also been part of the organizing team of a moving image society called Kino Club Helsinki.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inevitabledeathinsocialmedia/